Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

All applications for PRIME must be completed online.  Please click here for the online application.

The deadline for students who do not need to obtain a U.S. Visa for the program is May 15. Due to requirements for Visa processing, the deadline for those needing to obtain a U.S. Visa was February 15. 

Yes, the degree issued is a Masters of Science in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME), under the School of Engineering and is a STEM program.

You can find additional information about the STEM extension on the site of our International Student Services department (OISSS).

PRIME graduates have secured positions in consulting, investment banking, health/medical companies, information technology, traditional engineering companies, small technology firms and as founders of new ventures.

PRIME is primarily designed for a student who has an engineering,  computer science, applied math, or physicial/biological science undergraduate degree. Students with undergraduate degrees in economics, business and industrial design who have an interest in innovation management and entrepreneurship have also successfully completed the program.

Resources are available to PRIME students through Brown’s Career Lab, Nelson Center interactions and via contacts established within the program with alumni and senior executives.

PRIME students are encourage to explore work opportunities on the Brown campus. Positions are available but not guaranteed.

To supplement the other forms of support that may be received from Brown, students may also be eligible for federal direct student loans and other alternative loans. Student loans for graduate students are administered through the Office of Financial Aid.

PRIME students earn an ScM degree in one academic year. Please note this is a non-thesis degree.

Tuition for the 2020/2021 academic year is $68,068. For additional information please visit the Graduate School website.

Yes! We welcome all interested students and their families to visit our beautiful campus, take a tour of Brown University, and tour the PRIME facilities. Please let us know when you plan to be in Providence so we can arrange a tour and possibly a meeting with a PRIME faculty member and current PRIME students.

If you have additional questions regarding the PRIME program, please contact our enrollment team at [email protected].