Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship


The application for the Class of 2025 is now closed.

We are pleased that you chose to learn more about PRIME, Brown University's Masters of Science in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship offered in the School of Engineering. The following are answers to some frequently asked questions about the program:

Brown University undergraduates have the opportunity spend a fifth year at Brown to earn a Master of Science in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship degree. The 5th Year ScM is an efficient way of learning the process of creating value from technology, learning how to develop embryonic ideas and bringing them to the market. You will learn core business skills in finance, strategy, marketing, decision making, globalization and management. 

Courses Required: 6 core classes and an internship are required to complete the program. 5th Years are not required to take the electives and will not be charged for the 2 courses; therefore providing a 25% reduction in tuition. Undergraduate courses are required to be entered in the online application and must be approved by the director.

Click here for admission requirements. Deadline is May 1, 2023

All applications for PRIME must be completed online.  Please click here for the online application.


  • Unofficial transcripts from all Post-Secondary Education  (official transcripts will be requested upon acceptance)
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • CV or resume
  • Personal statement: (1000-1500 words stating your reason to pursue graduate work) Opportunity to express your interest pertaining to the development of the business and technical foundations for successful careers in areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The statement should include examples of your past work in your chosen field, your plans for study at Brown, and your professional goals.
  • GRE scores: Required
    Brown reporting code: 3094. There is no departmental / major code.
  • TOEFL or IELTS Scores: Required for any non-native English speaker who does not have a degree from an institution where English is the sole language of instruction.

Brown University is now accepting the at-home version of the TOEFL and GRE. GMAT scores may be submitted in place of the GRE. 

  • Application fee of $100

Yes, the degree issued is a Masters of Science in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME), under the School of Engineering and is a STEM program. After completing the program, international students may utilize OPT, Optional Practical Training.

PRIME's fully online modality enables students to complete a one year masters program remotely. Students will build the network and skills vital for advancing your business — without interrupting your career. Being able to continue to work, enables students the opportunity to  assist their company to reimagine and redefine itself for the future or apply your expertise to help launch your own startup. If interested, on campus engagement is welcomed throughout the duration of the program.

Online Learning:

  • Online classes are typically 2.5 to 3 hour duration Zoom video conferences.  Synchronous Zoom video conference sessions will be conducted in the evening to assure maximum convenience. Some class discussions/simulations may also be done asynchronously using our Canvas learning management system.  Sessions will be recorded to offer flexibility when needed. 

PLEASE NOTE: For international students studying on an F-1 visa and looking to utilize OPT, Optional Practical Training, all PRIME required courses must be taken in person/on campus. International students will not be eligible for OPT if the course is completed fully online.

The application for the Class of 2025 is now closed

Thank you for submitting your application! The admission decisions are as follows
 – Priority review: February 2, 2024
 – regular review: March 15, 2025

Brown 5th Year Deadline: April 1, 2024

PRIME offers some limited merit-based scholarships. These decisions are informed by an applicant's undergrad major and prior technology innovation or entrepreneurial activities given the program's focus. Need and overall cohort composition are also considered. All applicants (domestic and international) are considered. No additional materials are required. Scholarship decisions are made at the time of admission and are final.  Please note that scholarship award amounts and types may change year to year.

Students are encouraged to explore work opportunities on the Brown campus. Research and Teaching Assistant positions are available for students to apply to for the fall and spring terms.

For information regarding financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid:


All students must begin the program in the summer (month of June) due to the sequential and accelerated nature of the program; there is no fall or spring start. Students begin with the 2 required summer courses fully online; ENGN 21110 and ENGN 2120.

PRIME students earn a ScM degree in one academic year. Please note this is a non-thesis degree.

If you earned a degree from an institution where English is the sole language of instruction the TOEFL will be waived. It is done automatically within the online application.

1) The Application Fee is automatically waived for:

  • Active duty U.S. Military personnel, as well as U.S. Military veterans. Please be sure to list your status within the application.
  • Domestic or international applicants who are members/alumni of certain programs listed within the application.
  • Current Brown undergraduates applying as a 5th year applicant.

2) If you would like to request an Application Fee Waiver based on high-financial need:

Please complete the Application Fee Waiver Form found within the online application. The Application Fee Waiver Form is located under the section entitled Financial Information. You will see a link that says Application Fee Waiver Form. Please note this form is only accessible once you have started an application and selected your program of study.

The Application Fee Waiver Form must be submitted no later than three days before the application deadline. Applicants will be notified by email regarding the outcome of their request and should not submit their application until receiving notification about their waiver. In addition, you will need to upload documentation that substantiates your financial hardship.

The average score for admission consideration is 105+ on the Internet-based test. 

Brown University is now accepting the at-home version of the TOEFL and GRE. GMAT scores may be submitted in place of the GRE. 

Please contact if you are looking to request a waiver.


Each application is assessed holistically. In addition to GRE scores, the other requirements to apply — the essay, recommendations, transcripts, and resume — all factor into whether a student is considered suitable for admission. The admissions committee looks for the GPA to be 3.0 and higher. 

Average GRE score for the quantitative is 90% and above, in most instances, given it's a STEM degree. 

The GMAT is accepted in lieu of the GRE. Average score is typically 700 or better.

You can find additional information about the STEM extension on the site of our International Student Services department (OISSS).

PRIME graduates have secured positions in consulting, investment banking, health/medical companies, information technology, traditional engineering companies, small technology firms and as founders of new ventures.

Masters Alumni Outcomes (filter by program Innovation Mgmt-Entrep)

PRIME is primarily designed for a student who has an engineering, computer science, applied math, or physical/biological science undergraduate degree. Students with undergraduate degrees in economics, business and industrial design who have an interest in innovation management and entrepreneurship have also successfully completed the program.

Resources are available to PRIME students through the School of Professional Studies, Nelson Center interactions and via contacts established within the program with alumni and senior executives.

Tuition for PRIME's 2023-2034 Academic Year is $70,456. PRIME students are required to complete 8 courses. The program structure is: 2 + 3 + 3. All masters students are billed per course. 

2 required PRIME courses in the summer, 2 required + 1 elective in the fall and 2 required + 1 elective in the spring.

For additional information please visit the Graduate School website.


Whether virtually or in person, getting to know Brown’s campus through the eyes of a current student is a great way to learn more about life as a Brunonian. More detail regarding both types of tour can be found on the pages below, along with registration information.


If you have additional questions regarding the PRIME program, please contact our enrollment team at