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The Blue Economy and Ocean Sustainability — A Very Real Tsunami!  

The blue economy & oceans are a vital part of our world as it dramatically impacts global economies, climate, sustainability, food resources and our livelihoods on the planet.

Meet industry experts, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, and those working on impact solutions as we take a “deep dive” into The Blue Economy to capture knowledge and acquire an understanding of the latest ocean science, technologies, business trends, job growth and investment activity. We look forward to having you engage with us in these discussions!

What is The Blue Economy? | Wednesday, February 9 | 12pm EST: REGISTER HERE

Join moderator Donna Hazard, Board Member and General Partner at SeaAhead as she engages with industry leaders in science, innovation and business who are driving change in this multi-trillion-dollar economic ecosystem. They will share trends, new technologies, research and businesses related to the exploitation, preservation and regeneration of the marine environment. 

  • Sebastien de Halleux, Founding General Partner at Graph Ventures
  • Charles Enright, Skipper and Co-Founder of 11th Hour Racing Team
  • Paul Dobbins, Senior Director of Impact Investments at World Wildlife Fund
  • Jason Kelly, VP of Moran Shipping and Sea Ahead Co-Founder

A Blue Technology Showcase | Wednesday, February 23 | 12pm EST: REGISTER HERE

Our Blue Entrepreneur panelists will share how they are making an impact by deploying their solutions to enhance ocean sustainability and narrow the economic and ocean sustainability gap.  These inspiring startups are already solving for some of our biggest problems.

  • Shik Sundar, VP of Sales of Sofar Ocean
  • Mike Flanigan, Co-founder and CEO of seasats
  • Jonathan Lord, Co-founder and CTO of Flux Marine
  • Julia Marsh, Co-founder and CEO of Sway

It’s a critical time for our ocean ecosystems and most of us don’t realize what crucial role they play in sustainable growth for our Planet and People. Our planet’s oceans and seas cover 70 percent of earth’s surface, regulate our climate, and provide oxygen for life. We can all make an impact by simply learning more and spreading knowledge.

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