Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Jacob F.

PRIME Class of '24
Undergraduate School: United States Military Academy, West Point
Undergraduate Major: Systems Engineering with a Minor in
Regional Studies- Europe


What aspects did you enjoy while completing your undergraduate degree?

West Point was a challenging and unique place to complete my undergraduate degree.
The academic rigor, alongside the demands of military and physical training, created an
environment for my leadership and professional growth. The opportunities I had at the academy
and with my major, Systems Engineering, are experiences I greatly appreciate. To name a few,
I worked on innovative drone swarms, obtained my EMR recertification, met the Supreme Allied
Commander of NATO and Vice President Harris, and repelled out of a helicopter all in the same

What led you to apply and choose PRIME?

After being awarded the opportunity to apply for grad school through the Technical
Scholar Program at West Point, my search for a graduate program was one of exploration. I
stumbled upon the PRIME program on the Brown University website. After one phone call with
Associate Director Tina Garfinkel, however, I was sold. I’m interested in innovative engineering,
cutting-edge technology, and business management. The PRIME program combines these
topics in a professional and practical manner.

What are you most looking forward to in PRIME? 
I am looking forward to the PRIME@Work internship program the most. It is one of the
critical opportunities within the program to get “hands-on” experience in an innovative field. I
believe experiential learning is the best way to grow, and the internship embodies that idea.

Do you plan to join any clubs at Brown? If so, which ones?
I am interested in joining the Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts Club, AI Robotics Ethics
Society (AIRES), and BEAM.

What advice would you have for new PRIME students and PRIME graduates?
My advice for both new PRIME students and graduates would be to actively seek new
challenges or experiences. Pushing the envelope of your own capabilities inspires the spirit of innovation.